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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Check out what's new this spring from Swoon Romance
Special for USA TODAY 12:08 a.m. EST March 4, 2015
(Photo: Swoon Romance)

Georgia McBride, publisher at Swoon Romance, joins HEA to give us a sneak peek at their romances coming this spring.

Georgia: Most of the country has been blanketed in snow for the past few weeks. But today, signs of spring are evident in the call of the birds in my backyard, the bright sun which brought temperatures to 63 degrees in Raleigh, and the rapidly melting snow.

Every spring, I gather a list of titles from Swoon Romance that I think readers might enjoy. Please feel free to comment on your favorite and most anticipated spring contemporary romance titles below.

Young Adult

Snark and Stage Fright, a full-length novel, is the gripping, heartwarming and funny conclusion to the international category bestselling Snark and Circumstance series of novellas by Stephanie Wardrop! In it, Georgia Barrett learns the hard way that happily ever after isn't nearly as happy or close to forever as Jane Austen would have us believe. Georgia's sharp tongue costs her the only guy she's ever really cared about, and the only way to get him back is through a part in the school play!

New Adult

M.L. Spann's debut Swirl is the story of a girl in love with a guy who's off-limits at a time in her life where things are very much out of control. With no career, no place to live and no self-confidence to speak of, Bri has reached rock bottom. After a handsome jerk publicly humiliates her because of her weight, 24-year-old Brianna Davis hits an all-time low. When a friendly barista asks for her help and offers her a job, Brianna wants more than his kindness, she wants his heart.

The Nightingale Effect by Zoe Hardwicke.
The Nightingale Effect by Zoe Hardwicke. (Photo: Swoon Romance)

When it's your job to save others, sometimes you forget to save yourself. Three nurses who share a waterfront house on City Island, a few miles and a world away from the bustle of Manhattan, find this out the hard way, as they succumb to the pressure and politics of the Intensive Care Unit while juggling the demands of romantic relationships, past and present. The Nightingale Effect is a debut work of women's fiction from Zoe Hardwicke that fans of Jennifer Weiner will enjoy.

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