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M.L. Spann-Romance

Avery had been my high school sweetheart, the love of my life all through school. He moved away, we broke up, but remained good friends over the years. When he moved back home last year it only seemed right we meet for drinks. Well, those potent margaritas led to a late night rendezvous back at my place. As soon as the door clicked shut behind us, he immediately started devouring my face like a psycho on bath salts. His... sloppy kisses were everywhere as I tried and failed at dodging his wet advances. With absolutely zero foreplay involved, he snatched off our clothes and commenced to fucking me like we were still in high school, and that’s no compliment.

Apparently, life and his girlfriends after me had taught him nothing about learning to finesse a woman and listen to her body. He poked me for a good five minutes and collapsed onto my chest in a sweaty heap. I tried to blink the salty droplets of sweat out of my eyes as I wiggled my way from underneath him. I quickly made up some lame excuse and escorted him to the door. In fact that’s the last time I had sex, if you could even call it that. Kirsten’s right, I was long overdue for some good loving.

“Speaking of stress relievers, I saw a delicious specimen of a man at the coffee shop this morning,” I said after Kirsten quieted her guffaws down to a few light chuckles.

“Oh really? Tell me more. Did you give him your number?”

“No,” I replied. “Nobody exchanged numbers or anything. He looked tall, but I can’t be positive though since he was sitting down. Blond hair, spiked with gel. And he has blue eyes and a very nice smile.”

“Well why didn’t you give him your number, crazy woman?” she asked.

“No, ma’am, I wasn’t about to embarrass myself,” I said. “Hopefully I’ll see him again and he’ll ask for the digits if he’s really interested.”

“You need to take the initiative, Bri. I’m pretty sure the people at the Stop-n-Shop are tired of you coming in there hoarding all of the batteries. One of these days you’re going to electrocute yourself. You need a man, not a vibrator,” said Kirsten.

I laughed, but she was right. Every time I shopped for new, longer lasting batteries, I did fear the cashier ringing me up knew what I planned to do with said batteries.

He needs her help.

She wants his heart.

Both will get more than they bargained for.

SWIRL is a steamy New Adult story about a girl in love with a guy who's off limits at a time in her life where things are very much outside of her control.

After a handsome jerk publicly humiliates her because of her weight, 24-year-old Brianna “Bri” Davis hits an all-time low. With no career, no place to live, and no self-confidence to speak of, Bri has reached rock bottom.

The only stable thing in her crumbling life is the Drip Drop Coffee Shop, where she drowns her sorrows in danishes and mugs of delicious coffee, served by an equally delicious barista.

28-year-old Jayce offers Bri a job, but it comes with strings attached: Bri must help him recapture the heart of his ex-girlfriend. She will remake him into a most irresistible specimen so that his ex has no choice but to take him back.

Excited to finally have an income, Bri jumps at the opportunity, especially if working next to Jayce all day is part of the deal. Who cares if the man she's been pining away for has the hots for someone else?

And the ex he's trying to win back? She's more interested in what he can buy her than a real relationship. Why can't Jayce see there's a more deserving woman right in front of him?

Bri can't take any more disappointment. So, going after Jayce is probably a bad idea. But then everything changes, and soon, the steam in Jayce's lingering stare is hotter than the coffee they swirl.

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