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M.T. Harrte-Paranormal

The Queen's Howl Revamped!!!

If you’re looking for a potty mouth Alpha female (this is definitely an adult novel, so hide your kids and your teens!) with a penchant for punching people, then Alexis Wolfe is your girl

Ethan, Ghost Councilman

Alexis Wolfe Series

Honey I’m here to spill the tea and let ya’ll know what’s going on. Babyyy, Alexis is working my last good nerve…as usual. We’re supposed to be packing for our little trip to the Light Court…aka the court of the Lord of the Ring wannabes. These elves or whatever are supposed to help us according to the spooky wolf folks Alexis talks to.

Back to Alexis working my nerves…instead of getting her wardrobe together she’s been training for the battle with Samira. *sigh* Samira…Samira…that wearing white after Labor Day heffa works my nerves too. In fact, she works everyone’s nerves. I can’t wait to watch her burn in the sun once and for all.

Just so ya’ll know, I’m stressed to the max. I haven’t had a good night of loving in a long time. That’s probably what’s wrong with Alexis. She has all of this man candy surrounding her; Palo, Thadius, Orrin, and Deacon, and she still hasn’t gotten laid in forever. Ssshh, don’t tell her I told you.

Ya’ll just sit tight…I’m sure once we get this show on the road M.T. Harrte will be right there jotting down notes just as shit hits the fan. Her ass could at least help or something…I’m just saying…

Love ya!!!!


P.S. If I get sent into the light before we have the chance to chat again…let me leave you with this little nugget of advice…dare to be different and don’t let anybody put you in a corner (Dirty Dancing reference!!!! I love it honey!)

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