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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rich Bitch

I always see posts saying “so and so just signed a 3 book six figure deal” and I think to myself…that lucky bastard. L I would give my left tit to get a deal like that...or so I thought. Georgia at Month 9 Books, brought a post to our attention that I will insert HERE.  (SERIOUSLY…CLICK THE LINK AND READ IT…because I don’t want to repeat all of that info)

So anyhoo boo…are you done crying? Ooohh, so like me, you thought you would get that deal and be a rich bitch? Yea…not so much. I really had to reevaluate the goal I had for my writing career.

Initially when I started this journey I was hell-bent on having an agent. In a perfect world I would get this pitbull highly aggressive agent who would get me a kickass deal and make me money (yes…money…I write because I love it…but I want to paid too honey…this is a career for me) and people would know how awesome I am. It took some time and a little trial and error to make me realize, that may not be the way to go.

I won’t go into detail about all the pros and cons for traditional publishing vs self-publishing (but I will make a post about it eventually) but due to my control issues and the need to be hands on, I think self-publishing may be the way to go for me. In the post (told you to read it) the author mentioned some tax stuff that I had no clue about and I definitely intend to take the time and research more.

Um but yeah, I’m struggling and trying to figure out what the right avenue is for me, but right now…getting an agent and going the full length “traditional” route is not for me.

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